What’s Missing in Your Job Search

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Most candidates have one thing in common: Lack of Preparation.

In order to nail your next job interview, you must be prepared. You should have specific, measurable, time-bound goals and a strategic plan. It’s critical that you know what you are looking for. Preparation is the key to maximizing your impact.

Here are 10 hot tips to get prepared for your next interview:

1. Know yourself

The biggest mistake that candidates make is that they look at their résumé only at the time that they write it. You must review your résumé several times a week. Remind yourself of your accomplishments. You are the only person who has the capability to toot your own horn!  Know the difference between confidence and arrogance. Being confident in your skills is desirable and being arrogant discussing your abilities is not. It’s OK to talk about yourself as long as you know when to stop.

2. Be accountable

Make sure to be responsible for the time that is not listed on your résumé. Use this to share ways that you have kept your skills sharp. This will show that you are a leader in your field and you take initiative.

3. Consider the pay

Be clear in knowing what your compensation requirements are before your interview. Understand what the salary band is for the position.  Know the difference between your needs versus market trends and value. Be very specific in developing your interview around demonstrating ways that your skills will bring value to the company.

4. Show quantifiable results

Every hiring manager is thinking about budget during the interview. Be prepared to discuss ways that your background will drive revenue and increase profits or save money. Share ways that your previous contributions have supported the accomplishment of the corporate goals and objectives.

5. Know your limits

Understand all the details of the position for which you are interviewing. Be prepared to share your accomplishments as they pertain to the requirements in the job posting. Stay focused and don’t try to oversell your capabilities.

6. Research the company

Research the company and know why you want to work there. Understand the backgrounds of the people with whom you will be meeting. Be ready to discuss the company’s products or services. Monitor the About Us and News/Press sections of the company’s Web site. The Web site may also show market presence, trends and corporate values.

7. Arrive early

Show up to the interview location early. Watch people as they come and go to and from the office. Observe their body language and their pace. A company that fosters a healthy corporate culture will also have people who love their job. This will be obvious as you observe the employees.

8. Bring extra copies

A good rule of thumb is to bring two more résumés than you think you’ll need. In other words, if you are scheduled to meet with three people, bring five copies of your résumé.

9. Prepare emotionally

You are under evaluation from the time that you arrive to the time you leave. Be mindful of your surroundings and the people around you.  Your cell phone should be turned off. Your appearance and demeanor should be friendly and focused on the interview and “closing the deal.” Smile a lot and be personable and engaging.

10. Have patience

Schedule your time accordingly. Expect to wait. Sleep well the night before your interview and never yawn during the discussion!

If you do your homework well, you will be extraordinarily successful in your interview. It will become easy for you to open new doors of opportunity towards landing the job of your dreams!

Go Get’em!


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