Resume Makeover

Our Resume MakeOver strategy is to develop a world-class resume that defines and sets the standards by which all others are measured in todays tough employment market. This is your opportunity to “raise the bar,” and position yourself in such a way that every other candidate is compared to you, as opposed to you being compared to them!

Read the “People are Talking” comments below, or take a look at our Endorsements page to get an idea of ways that we are helping our clients as they navigate through their individual job search campaign, then call our office TODAY to discuss our Resume MakeOver Services and take advantage of our FREE 15 minute Resume Assessment!

A Few Questions about YOUR Resume…

  • How is YOUR resume different from the rest? Is it unique?
  • What does your resume say about YOU? Are you detail oriented, organized, clear and articulate?
  • Will the Hiring Manager know your true “Value Proposition” when he/she only gives your resume a 17-20 second glance?
  • Have you identified “Quantifiable” or “Qualifiable” results in your resume?
  • Does your resume represent the “Depth” and “Capacity” that you bring to the company?
  • Are you using it as an Effective Marketing Tool in your search strategy?
  • Are you getting your resume in front of “people” or “systems?”
  • Most Important: Do YOU feel comfortable sending it out, or are you “defending” it before you hand it over?

Fact – If you need to earn $120K per year, it’s costing you approximately $2,308 for every week that you are unemployed!

Now is the time to make sure your Resume and Portfolio is ready!

People are Talking


I have approached Dean after following a friend’s referral. She said, and I quote ” you won’t regret it, he’s the best!”. Indeed, Dean is the best!

Sure I had my doubts, but I met a true professional, patient, experienced person. He took my resume a few steps further along with providing the background work to elevate my self confidence in my abilities. Really, I had the impression my resume is quite good, but the new resume puts it on another level, I took one of the bundles which has covered all my expectations.

I like Dean because he is honest, provides excellent ideas, and generous. As such I truly recommends using his services, you will not regret it!

Tsadi Shvo, Director, Program Management & Regulatory Compliance


Dean Tracy has established himself as the “go to guy” when my company interacts with professionals who would benefit from working with a first-class Career/Executive Coach. Many people are considering, or engaged in, making a career change – but are not sure where to go or how to do it. Often those same people do not know how to put together a resume that’s compelling and helps them stand out against other candidates. That’s when we refer them to Dean. We’ve seen his work and find it best-in-class – in fact, we have received a 100% satisfaction rating from people we’ve referred to him. It doesn’t get any better than that!

Roger Preble, President, Cornerstone Search and Consulting


I began working with Dean in August 2011 when I was re-entering the workforce after a layoff and needed help rewriting my resume. I was referred to Dean from a colleague on Linkedin, and from the first day we spoke, I felt very comfortable with Dean and knew he would help me find another job soon.

I purchased Dean’s “Resume Makeover” and it was just what I needed. His resume writing skills are far superior to anyone else’s I’ve used and well worth the cost. In fact, one recruiter at a company I applied with said my resume was “impressive” and “had not seen one like it before.”

Well, after several interviews, and nearly four months later, I was offered a job and am extremely happy! I feel Dean’s revamped resume was the key to my success and am very thankful for his help.

I highly recommend Dean Tracy to anyone who needs help revamping their resume, career coaching and mentoring, or just some advice on how to market and present themselves in today’s competitive employment environment. Thanks again Dean!

Dennis Gioffre, Sales Executive


Brilliant, Imaginative, Original, Knowledgeable, Dedicated, Caring, Unselfish, Personable & Motivating! This is Dean Tracy and much more! Dean helped me develop a captivating achievement based resume resulting in more job leads than previous reigniting my confidence and hope in securing the right career opportunity.

Dean’s guidance empowered me to excel with confidence in a recent phone interview with a recruiter which led to an immediate face-to-face with the hiring manager of a leading health-care organization.

Thank you Dean for your big and caring heart, for giving me hope again and for unselfishly assisting in developing the tools I need to attract the perfect career opportunity!

Geneva Clay, Project Manager


I highly recommend Dean Tracy. As a recruiter, I have evaluated 1000s of resumes, but my own just didn’t reflect who I was and what I had to offer. I was completely stuck so I used his resume writing service and got a job quickly thereafter. Great results and confidence booster. We are too close to our own resumes so it is very powerful to have an expert write it. It didn’t come out canned but uniquely me. Very creative and maximized my experience. Use Dean to coach you and write your resume, it is so painless.

Ellen Montague, Corporate Recruiter


If you want to speed up your job search, hang onto Dean Tracy’s coat tails. My networking went from zero to eighty in one week due to Dean’s expert coaching advice, research and high-level connections.

Dean helped me craft a compelling resume, which set my skills apart from the competition. He also introduced me to senior executives that offered thoughtful advice and priceless connections.

Dean is a Bay Area influencer and leader who is amazingly approachable and dedicated to helping you find the right job and advance your career. I guarantee, if you want to walk a path to success, follow Dean, he will get you there.

Jane McKahan-Jones, Senior Marketing Executive