Coaching & Outplacement Services

Our expert consultants will work directly and closely with you to develop a strategic and methodical approach towards effectively managing your Career Transition. We raise the bar of excellence with our personalized attention and bi-directional accountability standards, which have also proven beneficial in the effectiveness of our outplacement and coaching programs.

Our intent is to…

Help you Create an Effective Career Search Strategy

Have an Impact on the way that you Execute your Strategy

Encourage you to drive results that lead to increased visibility and to be prepared for your new role!

Individual Attention

  • Understand your Product? YOU!
  • Develop your Value Proposition – Be Prepared
  • Identify and Assess your Employment Conditions and Parameters
  • Select and Research Desired or Target Companies
  • Develop your Resume and Marketing Portfolio
  • Manage your Network & Follow-up on Commitments
  • Identify Professional Leads and Employment Prospects
  • Turn Leads into Appointments
  • Accountability

Corporate Community

  • Customized Online Corporate Alumni Group
  • Virtual Workshops and Webinars
  • Accountability Conference Calls
  • Schedule of Networking Events & Programs
  • Online Web Presence, Executive Profile & Resume
  • Access and Representation to Prospect Companies

Feature Benefits

  • Personalized Attention
  • Tiered Service Offerings
  • Bi-Directional Accountability
  • Respected National Presence
  • Proactive Marketing of Candidates
  • One Year Outplacement “Membership”
Commitment to Excellence & Client Loyalty

In working with our Firm, you will learn to address the layers of detail in each of the elements below as we groom you to effectively manage your career transition.  This exercise enables you to gain a greater understanding of how you can leverage your strengths and develop new skills to serve and support your personal career goals and organizational corporate objectives. Contact our office to discuss our rate structure for Outplacement and Career Coaching Services.