“Dean Tracy has established himself as the “go to guy” when my company interacts with professionals who would benefit from working with a first-class Career/Executive Coach. Many people are considering, or engaged in, making a career change – but are not sure where to go or how to do it. Often those same people do not know how to put together a resume that’s compelling and helps them stand out against other candidates. That’s when we refer them to Dean. We’ve seen his work and find it best-in-class – in fact, we have received a 100% satisfaction rating from people we’ve referred to him. It doesn’t get any better than that!”

Roger Preble, President, Cornerstone Search and Consulting


“Dean was a pleasure to work with. I met Dean through a recommendation of a former client. I came to him for guidance and to be able to have a resource to help guide me in my career search. He was instrumental to me in not only giving me actionable advice, he could also look at things I was too close to, and see it a different way, make suggestions to me that I could turn into talking points. For me, his takeaways at every step were invaluable. He also was there to COACH me. I needed someone to more than help me write a resume, I needed someone to bounce what was happening in my career search off of. Someone who knew what MY goal was, and helped me achieve that goal. My search was successful in only 5 weeks, I had my choice of options, and am extremely happy in my choice. He was accessible, knowledgeable, professional, and open to my position as well as presenting his positions. Sometimes you need expert advice from someone outside your own sphere. Dean was that person to me and I recommend him, and his services highly. If you want a great resume, yes, but more importantly to me, if you need someone to be on your side, and to give you advice and mentoring, that person is Dean.”

Elisa B., Senior Sales Executive


“It is a pleasure to recognize the contribution of time and resources that Dean Tracy provides to the members of CPC Job Connections. I joined this group 1 1/2 years ago after being downsized from a 12+ year long sales position. Upon attending my first meeting I immediately noticed Dean’s ability to provide encouragement and support along with imperative interviewing preparation details. I attend most every Saturday to gain the tips and preparation advice Dean provides. He’s a real PRO who works tirelessly to help the CPC Job Connections members benefit from his knowledge and experience. It’s no wonder that Dean is very successful in his career…kudos to Dean!”

Erin Robinson, Senior Sales Executive

“Dean is amazing. I wish I had been introduced to him sooner. I was in a rut finding the right sales position. After working with Dean and changing my resume and LinkedIn profile, a new world opened for me! I landed a wonderful sales position with a great company AND, the phone calls and emails keep coming! I will always be internally grateful to Dean for his fabulous coaching and mentoring. Dean truly cares and wants you to succeed and be the best you can be. I can’t say enough about how he has changed my life. I’d highly recommend Dean to anyone. I guarantee you will be glad you did. I feel very fortunate to work with such a compassionate and talented individual.”

Linda Gladstone, Enterprise Business Development


“Dean provided invaluable insight and expertise on repositioning myself during a difficult career transition. From rewriting my resume to highlight my strenghts which were buried in too much information to coaching me on how to discuss my past positions, he was professional, knowledgable and supportive at every juncture. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to shine.”

Jamie H., Executive Director


“Seeking employment for the first time in many years, I felt lost until I met Dean. Re-entering the workplace, his professional coaching led to a winning resume and inspiration to interview with confidence! After reviewing my working past, both employment and volunteer, Dean was able to focus on my most valued and employable skills. I’m grateful for his professional counsel and highly recommend Dean to those seeking employment as well as those seeking top candidates to employ!”

Debra Prince, Manager of Corporate Communications


“I began working with Dean in August 2011 when I was re-entering the workforce after a layoff and needed help rewriting my resume. I was referred to Dean from a colleague on Linkedin, and from the first day we spoke, I felt very comfortable with Dean and knew he would help me find another job soon.

I purchased Dean’s “Resume Makeover” and it was just what I needed. His resume writing skills are far superior to anyone else’s I’ve used and well worth the cost. In fact, one recruiter at a company I applied with said my resume was “impressive” and “had not seen one like it before.”

Well, after several interviews, and nearly four months later, I was offered a job and am extremely happy! I feel Dean’s revamped resume was the key to my success and am very thankful for his help.

I highly recommend Dean Tracy to anyone who needs help revamping their resume, career coaching and mentoring, or just some advice on how to market and present themselves in today’s competitive employment environment. Thanks again Dean!”

Dennis Gioffre, Sales Executive


“I highly recommend Dean Tracy. As a recruiter, I have evaluated 1000s of resumes, but my own just didn’t reflect who I was and what I had to offer. I was completely stuck so I used his resume writing service and got a job quickly thereafter. Great results and confidence booster. We are too close to our own resumes so it is very powerful to have an expert write it. It didn’t come out canned but uniquely me. Very creative and maximized my experience. Use Dean to coach you and write your resume, it is so painless.”

Ellen Montague, Corporate Recruiter


“Brilliant, Imaginative, Original, Knowledgeable, Dedicated, Caring, Unselfish, Personable & Motivating! This is Dean Tracy and much more! Dean helped me develop a captivating achievement based resume resulting in more job leads than previous reigniting my confidence and hope in securing the right career opportunity.

Dean’s guidance empowered me to excel with confidence in a recent phone interview with a recruiter which led to an immediate face-to-face with the hiring manager of a leading health-care organization.

Thank you Dean for your big and caring heart, for giving me hope again and for unselfishly assisting in developing the tools I need to attract the perfect career opportunity!”

Geneva Clay, Project Manager


“Dean is a very talented technology recruiter. He has consistently provided me with the best product management professionals I have ever worked with. I would recommend Dean to anyone looking for assistance with their recruiting needs.”

Amrit Williams, Chief Technology Officer


“If you want to speed up your job search, hang onto Dean Tracy’s coat tails. My networking went from zero to eighty in one week due to Dean’s expert coaching advice, research and high-level connections. Dean helped me craft a compelling resume, which set my skills apart from the competition. He also introduced me to senior executives that offered thoughtful advice and priceless connections. Dean is a Bay Area influencer and leader who is amazingly approachable and dedicated to helping you find the right job and advance your career. I guarantee, if you want to walk a path to success, follow Dean, he will get you there.”

Jane McKahan-Jones, Senior Marketing Executive


“Dean is a a natural born leader. As a businessman he is brilliant, creative and visionary. As a human he is caring, compassionate and encouraging. Dean has a way of achieving great success and leaving people feel honored and connected. Dean is simply the best!”

Tammy Zonker, Fundraising Practitioner, TammyZonker, LLC


“Dean Tracy has translated his genuine care for people, particularly people in transition, to build an extensive and robust network of clients and talent. His leadership and integrity have fostered a loyal following to whom he has mentored, trained and motivated. This has been translated into business and personal success for his clients. Dean has become the “go to” guy in the Bay Area for leadership not only in transition situations but in increasing the impact of individuals in all aspects of their lives. Despite the more public demands on his time, Dean continues to give of himself to Job Connections, his Church and of course his family. Many call him friend and mean it!”

John Maver, President, Maver Management


“In my work as a speaker at CPC Job Connections I continue to be impressed with Dean’s ability to demonstrate both leadership and caring in everything he does. He is a very charmastic speaker and has the uncanny ability to lead and influence people in a positive and motivating way. His has exceptional skill in listening and problem solving which are real assets to his leadership and recruiting and coaching practices. I would highly recommend Dean because you can count on him. He works from the “heart and head” and that’s a combination that can’t be beat.”

Luanne Stevenson, Author, Speaker, Business Advisor to Managers and Entrepreneurs


“As President of Experience Unlimited, I have found Dean to be both an accomplished and knowledgeable public speaker. As an experienced career counselor, Dean provides his clients with a wealth of practical, real life ideas for personal growth. His strong leadership skills enable Dean to organize and grow large networking groups. His seminars have attracted more than 1200 attendees. Dean has been a great resource for Experience Unlimited and I would have no hesitation recommending him.”

Glen Zamanian 
President of Experience Unlimited


“Dean has provided outstanding professional consulting services to me during my career transition and new business positioning. He has been extremely generous with his time, highly approachable and friendly, and immediately responsive. My general impression of many career consultants had not been favorable until I began working with Dean. My new resumes and company collateral genuinely reflect my own style, not a stiff business model. This is the result of Dean’s personal understanding and broad knowledge of business. I will hire him again and strongly recommend him to anyone seeking career consulting.”

Debra Jacob 
Principal, Jacob Communications


“Dean Tracy is an exceptional leader that has helped to transform the lives of thousands of individuals throughout the Bay Area. Whether as a recruiter or inspirational leader Dean has challenged individuals to be the best they can be. Dean has consistently demonstrated the ability to encourage and motivate individuals to push beyond their self-imposed limits to achieve their goals. It is my pleasure to recommend Dean as both a recruiter and speaker.”

Tony Friday, Senior Operations Leader


“If you are looking for someone who can help you define your job search, guide you along the way, motivate you to do your best, bring out the best in you, recharge your resume, give you the most up to date information and guidance on your job search and truly care about how you do and who you are, Dean Tracy is the person for you. I can not say enough about Dean’s professionalism and knowledge! Plus he’s a wonderful human being that truly cares about your success! Thank you Dean for all of your support, knowledge, encouragement and guidance!”

Carol Burns, Consultative Sales & Marketing Executive


“Compassionate, visionary, inspiring, leader amongst leaders, tireless advocate, accomplished speaker and no-nonsense kind of guy who gets desired results. These are just a few of the words that describe Dean Tracy. Dean Tracy is an accomplished leader, public speaker and advocate who takes a no hold barred approach to those looking for their next best opportunity or who are in transition from one job to the next. He has inspired thousands to know how to be prepared for the next one on one interview, to ready a resume and be ready for their next best opportunity. The CPC Job Connections he co-founded has an excellent reputation in the Bay Area amongst career development companies, recruiters and the public at large. The Leadership Summit he has brought to the Bay Area for the past nine years is a testament to the caliber of superb programming, outstanding speakers, relative topics and his incredible connections at the local, state and national level.”

Ann Lubeck-Brown, Loan Originator


“Dean embodies all the traits you might ever hope for but seldom realize when it comes to a professional recruiter. Dean is affable and passionate about the service he provides and is a consummate professional. Dean is creative, solutions-oriented, and incredibly resourceful. Not only all of that, Dean is truly a good guy and I’m proud to know him, nonetheless to be a business partner.”

Aron Smetana, SVP-Chief Information Officer


“Dean is a highly professional, action oriented executive with strong human capital development skills and experience. He can be relied upon to address and solve difficult managerial issues while buildiing consensus and providing definitive guidance. He is a dynamic and effective leader who I would recommend highly to anyone in the Human Resources, Organizational Development, and related fields.”

John Glazier, President & Strategic Marketing Consultant


“Dean is an inspiring leader. He co-founded Job Connections, a resource to job-seekers, and directs his abundant energies to providing the attendees with great ideas and motivation. His ideas for the annual Job Connections Career Summit have resulted in enlisting outstanding speakers and companies with job openings. Dean’s work as an external recruiter places him in the top 1% in his field. His integrity and forthrightness contribute to his ability to identify top talent and trust in judgment.”

Barbara Kuklewicz, Director, Quality Learning & Development


“The love, care, leadership, and commitment that Dean has exhibited for his fellow members of the CPC Job Connections and the people in the greater community is phenomenal. He continues to look out for others, celebrate their success, encourage and empower people. He is a great leader!”

Mike Robbins, Former Professional Athlete, Book Author, Business Coach


“I had confidence in Dean’s capabilities from the moment I met him. He has an authenticity to him both personally and professionally that is refreshing and inviting. His industry knowledge, expertise, and creativity are invaluable to any professional or company. Dean’s approach is collaborative and consultative which truly cultivates a team approach to any executive placement. I know that Dean is on my side first and foremost and will maintain synergistic relationships with any company I associate with. He is certainly someone you want to know and work with.”

Lauren Winsett, Senior Accounts Manager


“Dean is an excellent communicator and one of the most enthusiastic, creative and humorous speaker. His positive outlook is uplifting and contagious; he is an inspiring leader who gets things done right the first time. Dean brings an exemplary commitment to everything he does. He is a great motivator who is understanding and compassionate. Team Leader extraordinaire!”

Sandeep Saxena, Senior Sales Executive, Sprint


“If you need an excellent leader that can motivate a diverse team to overachieve their goal, Dean Tracy is your man. Dean has a gift and a passion of working with people to help them grow and realize their potential.”

John Nardi, Enterprise Sales Executive


“Dean has a big heart and great vision. His creativity and can-do attitude made CPC Job Connections one of the best career transition organizations. The Career and Leadership Summit, which was organized in eight weeks with 100% volunteers, time donation by nationally renowned speakers, and gifts in kind by businesses, is an example that illustrates his superb leadership and inspiration.”

Alida Cheung, Professional Colleague


“Dean cultivates a commitment to get the project done. He acknowledges everyone’s contribution, provides valuable guidance, and encourages risk taking and team work. It’s fun working on Dean’s team.”

Doug Skinner, Enterprise Sales Executive


“Dean was inspirational to many members of the CPC Job Connections group. His up-beat attitude and sense of humor helped the members transition through a very difficult time in their professional careers. Dean has a very adaptable and pleasant leadership style which will allow him to succeed in any organization.”

Andrew McSunas, PMP, Procurement Project Manager