Is YOUR Resume the Best That it can Possibly Be?

Posted by on Sep 7, 2011 in Articles

These Five Facts are MUST HAVES that you need to consider when writing and delivering your resume

Value Proposition – We know that Hiring Managers will (typically) only look at a resume for, not more than, 15-18 seconds, so your intent must be to immediately capture their attention and promote your value proposition in a way that is memorable.

Presentation – The most promising way into your next employer is through a personal contact that is excited about your background and willing to make the professional introduction, but they won’t do it if you have a sub-standard resume.  Managers would rather hire an outstanding candidate who is being referred to them by someone in their professional network, than to hire an “online unknown.”   In other words, resumes that are written to be scanned and include a bunch of “Keywords” are not as likely to be as effective as one that you can hand-off to someone in your network.

Perception – The presentation of your resume is usually a direct representation of your professional traits.  In other words, if your resume is detail oriented, organized, clear and articulate, then they will presume that this represents your work habits.  If not, then……

Just the Facts – You never want to be in a position to “Defend” your resume – Your resume should be Evidence Based, not Claims Based – It should be Fact Based, not Story Based.

Time is Money – Time is your enemy, and for every day/week that you are searching for your next professional opportunity, it’s impacting your income!  You need a resume that can have high impact with your target companies and hiring managers!

I hope that you will consider taking steps to making sure your resume is the best it can possibly be!

Here’s wishing you all the best in your search efforts.

Go get’em!


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