A Great Resume Makes the Phone Ring!

Posted by on Sep 7, 2011 in Articles

A great resume is one that makes the phone ring.

In todays digital world, you need to recognize that a small percentage of jobs are filled strictly based upon the submission of the resume.  The resume needs to be your most impressive piece of work as this is the only time that your potential employer will have a first impression of you. That said, your resume needs to be Clean, Creative, Unique and Memorable.

Content is key. Don’t write a boring “Objective” like everyone else does – Write an introductory or profile statement in the place where you might normally put the “Objective.” List core competencies as your “Key Strengths” or differentiators that set you apart from all the others and highlight at least three “Selected Achievements” that will represent the “Value Proposition” that you bring to the company.

Additionally, every Hiring Manager will use your resume as a way to screen you into or out of an opportunity based upon how it looks or how it is presented. In other words, if your resume is sloppy, unorganized and inconsistent, the perception of your next employer will be that your “on the job deliverables” will be sloppy, unorganized and inconsistent. For those Hiring Managers, “perception is reality,” and this makes you a high-risk investment.

You need to submit world-class deliverables, demonstrating that you are capable of having a seat at the table. In working with Hiring Managers, I know that they are looking for potential employees that are “Leaders” willing to take initiative, not “followers” who need to be managed. It doesn’t matter what your role is, even if you are one person in a “department” you can still be a “Leader,” capable of driving change and maintaining long-term organizational sustainability.

The bottom line is that your next Hiring Manager needs to see our resume as the one that sets and defines the standards by which all others are measured.

Good Luck – Go Get’em!


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