Is Yours a Winning Resume?

Posted by on Sep 7, 2011 in Articles

When crafting your resume, there are a number of topics and ideas to think about, but three of the most relevant facts to take into consideration are to make sure your resume is uniquecreative and memorable.

At the end of the day, when you resume is on the desk of the hiring manager, and gets placed into the stack to be reviewed over the weekend, are you confident that your resume will standout? Are you sure that your resume will be the one that they remember?

Here are a few points to ponder as you asses the impact that your resume will have on your next employer:

Formatting – Is the format of your resume sloppy and inconsistent or is it neat, tidy and organized? You have to remember the typical hiring manager will usually see your resume as a direct reflection of the quality of your work.  As the potential new hire, your resume may be the only opportunity for you to make a great first impression.

Branding – If a Hiring Manager only looks at your resume for 15 seconds, will they know what you do? In their minds-eye, will they be able to place you into a specific role within their department when they review your resume?

Value – Have you listed key strengths and achievements that validate your success in your previous roles? Will they visualize you as someone who will drive success for their group or company? Will they be able to see you representing their product or service to their clients and stakeholders?

Facts – Your resume should not read like a job description. At the end of every statement or bullet point, you need to apply the “so what” factor. In other words, read your resume out loud, and at the end of each sentence, ask yourself, “So what? What impact did this have on the company or the role that I was in?” Think about revenue, timelines, expenses and profits. If your contribution in your previous role had an impact on any of these corporate elements, then you’re well on your way to crafting a high-impact statement that they will remember.

If you take the initiative to embrace these simple elements in developing your resume, you will recognize greater results in your search efforts and it will become easy for you to open new doors of opportunity towards landing the job of your dreams!

Go get’em!


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