Do Objectives Really Matter on the Resume?

Posted by on Sep 7, 2011 in Articles

In my opinion, and in my experience, the candidate resume needs to be Creative, Unique and Memorable. This is my value proposition when coaching candidates and working on their resume. As I have worked with Hiring Managers in representing candidates to their open positions, I’ve learned directly from them, what’s important and what they like to see on the candidate resume. I’ve been reminded more than once, that Objectives do not work in setting the candidate apart.

Think about it – If you were to have a stack of resumes with “Objectives,” they would all be the same. They all want to work “with a rapidly growing organization where their skills can contribute to propelling the company to new heights etc etc etc ” Besides, the objective is typically written to remind the hiring manager that you are looking for a job – They already know this! Bottom line, in my opinion, an “Objective” does not bring “Value” to the resume.

Instead of the “Objective,” the candidate should use this space to write a fact-based introductory statement (Profile) that emphasizes their capabilities & achievements, while also identifying the market segments they have worked in.

Here is a “Profile” example of a Resume & Coaching client of mine:

“Accomplished and respected Senior Sales Executive with a proven background in nurturing client and partner relationships while pursuing excellence in deliverables and driving organizational loyalty, profitability and revenue objectives within companies such as [list company names here].

Exceptional communication skills are demonstrated in delivery of executive presentations across the enterprise, while managing supplier, distributor relationships, channel partners, business and solution development within the [list vertical markets that you’ve tapped here].”

This introductory Profile Statement is strong as it reflects the candidates Brand, their diversity in vertical markets and shows that they can engage with highly-branded, well-known companies. I know that if a hiring manager sees this form of a statement as opposed to a typical “Objective,” this format is sure to get their attention and in many cases will be the standard by which all other resumes are measured.


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