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Title Price Description
  • Resume Makeover, Basic
  • Line-by-Line, Complete MakeOver
  • Materials Development
  • Professional Overview
  • Value Statements
  • PAR Statements
  • Achievements Summary
  • Transition Letter
  • Etc…
  • Strategic Career Search Coaching
    ($75 per hour, min. 2 hour blocks)
  • Understand your “Brand”
  • Develop your Value Proposition
  • Identify your Employment Parameters
  • Research your Desired/Target Companies
  • Identify Leads & Network Connections
  • Turn Leads into Appointments
  • LinkedIn Profile, Makeover
  • Makeover of Your LinkedIn Profile
  • Dedicated Webpage
  • Ex:[your_name_here]
  • “Cover Letter” – Up to 3
  • Cover Letter pitching you as the best candidate possible!
  • Online Tele-Seminar / Webinar
    (One-hour sessions)
  • Roadmap to a Winning Resume
  • Preparation for the Interview
  • Questions to Ask in the Interview
  • Questions you May Face in the Interview
  • Developing your Strategic Plan



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