Coaching & Outplacement Services

Our expert consultants will work directly and closely with you to develop a strategic and methodical approach towards effectively managing your Career Transition. We raise the bar of excellence with our personalized attention and bi-directional accountability standards, which have also proven beneficial in the effectiveness of our outplacement and coaching programs.

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Resume Makeover

Our Resume MakeOver strategy is to develop a world-class resume that defines and sets the standards by which all others are measured in todays tough employment market. This is your opportunity to “raise the bar,” and position yourself in such a way that every other candidate is compared to you, as opposed to you being compared to them!

Read the “People are Talking” comments below, or take a look at our Endorsements page to get an idea of ways that we are helping our clients as they navigate through their individual job search campaign, then call our office TODAY to discuss our Resume MakeOver Services and take advantage of our FREE 15 minute Resume Assessment!

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Public Speaking

As a public speaker addressing groups as large as 1,400 people, Dean has facilitated several Career and Leadership Summit’s and has delivered presentations throughout the Greater Bay Area, mostly recognized for his presentations on Career Transition Management including topics such as “Roadmap to a Winning Resume,” “Creating your Own Job Climate,” “Developing a Strategic Plan for your job Search,” and “The 6-Up’s in Your Search Strategy.” He has also delivered presentations on Organizational & Effective Leadership, and Team Building.

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